Julia Esrom, BSc, MES

Translator, proofreader, writer

I will tell you about my favourite work areas and languages.

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My Office Culture I saw this walking down the street in Southampton, Ontario, Canada - This pretty much sums up my office culture.

Areas of Expertise

I have studied in Germany, Great Britain and Canada, my second home country. We have a long family history of migrating back and forth. It gets complicated...

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Food For all creatures great and small

I have done many translations in the pet food industry. Now, I mostly do English proofreading for pet food products sold in the EU. I am familiar with the tight regulations of the EU regulations for animal feedstuff.

Food is part of my joy in life. I love cooking and gardening. With vegetables I still need practice, but we grow yummy berries for fantastic jam.

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Recreation Ecology One of the most interdisciplinary and fun subjects

I have had the privilege to study at the most progressive universities: The University of York, North Yorkshire with a year in industry at Unilever Research - Safety and Environmental Assurance (life cycle assessment). My BSc was in Ecology, Conservation and Environment.

My Master thesis for the MES program at York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada was about the conflicts of dogs and shorebirds on Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, British Columbia, Canada.

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Bicycle Industry Mountain biking, rowing, taekwondo, fitness

I am proud to be working as translator and proofreader for two of the leading manufacturers in the bicycle industry. Components and tires require lots of attention to detail.

As a former elite rower I have a pretty good understanding of all aspects to do with early morning outings, weights training, cross-fitness and so on. Now, I let others do the hard training. Recently, I successfully completed the C-level coaching program of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB).