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1. Accepting terms and conditions: When a client orders a translation job the client accepts the terms and conditions stated below.
2. Job orders: Translation job orders will only be accepted in written, usually via email, not by phone. For larger jobs a written agreement with a signature may be requested before translations can begin.
3. Prices: All prices given remain estimates until the entire source text has been forwarded. All prices quoted do not include applicable taxes. Applicable taxes will be added on the bill to the client. The due date for full payments is within 30 days of the billing date. Any payments for fees or costs not received within 30 days will be deemed late. Late fees of up to 10% per month apply. The client will be responsible for costs in collecting late payments due from the client, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.
4. Accepted methods of payment: PayPal, wire transfer, and bank transfer are accepted payments. International transfer fees are to be paid in full by the client.
5. Delivery deadlines: A translation job is considered as delivered when the translation document has been sent to the client. Delivery deadlines are always expected times of delivery and are considered a commitment by the translator to the client. Incidents that are beyond our control may not allow the translator to meet the expected time of delivery. Such incidents can include, but are not limited to, power outages, server downtimes, personal accidents and illness, fire and natural disasters such as flooding.
6. Cancellation or withdrawal by the client: If a client cancels or withdraws any portion of the translation ordered, then, in consideration of the translator’s scheduling the client will pay a portion of the fee agreed upon in the job order represented by the percentage of total services performed, but in any event not less than 25% of said fee.
7. Additional fees: Additional fees will be payable, to be calculated as provided below, in the event the following additional services are required: (a) additional services are required because the client makes changes in the item(s) to be translated after the job order; and (b) the translator is requested to make changes in the translation after delivery of the translation, because of the client's preferences as to style or vocabulary, and such changes are not required for accuracy. Such additional fees will be calculated as follows:
Each segment that has been changed after the agreement will be treated as a new translation and charged accordingly. An additional fee of 50% applies to weekend and rush jobs unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation.
6. Client's review of translation: Upon receipt of the translation from the translator, the client shall promptly review it, and within five days after receipt shall notify the translator of any requested corrections or changes. The translator shall correct, at no cost to the client, any obvious errors made by the translator. Requests for changes based on the client’s interpretation, preference or opinion will not be made free of charge unless specific guidelines for preferred terminology have been provided in written and together with submission of the source text. The translator is not responsible for translation errors that result from incorrect or missing source text or from required source text that has not been provided at the time of the job order.
7. Confidentiality: All knowledge and information provided by the client will be treated as confidential as possible. The client understands that submitting files electronically exposes these files to a certain risk of disclosure. The translator’s work PC has been fitted with an updated anti-virus software program to protect the client’s electronic files from corruption. In any case, the translator is not responsible for corrupted or otherwise damaged electronic files.
8. Copyright: Upon the client’s completion of all payments, the translation copyright will be the property of the client. The client has no right to publish the translation electronically, in print, or any other form until payment has been received in full by the translator. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the translator has the right to retain file copies of items to be translated and translated.
9. Indemnification and hold-harmless by the client: The client agrees to indemnify and hold the translator harmless from any and all losses, claims, damages, expenses or liabilities (including reasonable attorneys' fees) which the translator may incur based on information, representations, reports, data or product specifications furnished, prepared or approved by the client for use by the translator in the work performed during the entire length of this business relationship.
10. Changes by others: The translator shall have no responsibility whatever as to any changes in the translation made by persons other than the translator. If the translation is for publication purposes and the name of the translator is published, then the client must ask the translator to make any agreed upon changes.
11. Governing law: Place of jurisdiction and venue is Osnabrück, Germany.

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