Specialization in Natural Sciences, Geography, Technology, Social Sciences, Non-Fiction Literature

The nature of my specialization is interdisciplinary with a focus on non-fiction texts that are related to the natural and geographical sciences. Technology and social sciences are disciplines that tie into these areas of specialization. I offer translations in all of these areas including non-fiction literature for children, youth and adults.


Academic research, e.g. PhD theses, papers, conference notes, presentations

Company research reports and communication (as always, texts are treated confidentially, no outsourcing)

Environment reports

Non-fiction books and articles for all ages

Catalogues, e.g. functional clothing and outdoor gear, sports equipment, horse tack

Visitor information at museums, zoos, national parks, protected areas, etc.

General Topics

Any general text is, of course, also accepted for translation.

Selection of subject area keywords

agriculture, biology, biotechnology, childrens literature, crop protection, earth science, ecology, energy, environment, fisheries, gardening, garden, geography, health sciences, horticulture, human biology, life cycle assessment, marine biology, mathematics, medicine, natural history, museum, natural sciences, non-fiction, physiotherapy, populations, recreation, resource management, social sciences, technology, travel, wildlife management, zoo, zoology.



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